National Hug Day 2017

Today is National Hug Day 2017.

In case your social media page is not flooded like mine, or you live under a rock, or lost your phone in the woods while simultaneously losing all T.V. and radio service, you are also aware that today is also Women’s March.

Today is my favorite day in 2017 so far. It’s filled with love and power and justice. While I was not able to get out and march today, due to work, I am so so happy to see the solidarity all over my social media channels today.

Colorado Mountain Doulas stands for ALL people. We stand for equality. We stand for People of Color. We stand for LGBTQUAI*. We stand for families. We stand for accessible health care. We stand for justice. We speak up. We stand for consent. We stand for knowledge. We stand for love, always.

#lovetrumpshate #blacklivesmatter #lovewins #NoDApl #waterislife #loveislove #onelove #healtheworld #saysomethingnow

Jenn Leonard
Owner, Educator, Professional Labor & Postpartum Doula at Colorado Mountain Doulas LLC

Educator, Labor, Sibling, Postpartum Doula, Owner

Jenn moved to Colorado as a teen where she met her best friend and future husband in middle school. They lived in the Pacific Northwest for fifteen years, but always considered Colorado home; returning often for vacations, and to get married in the shadow of Pikes Peak. In 2011, they returned to Colorado for good with their three sons.

Jenn, known as the #bohodoula, enjoys homesteading, developing recipes and networking with other entrepreneurs. She is a wanna-be foodie and coffee enthusiast who spends most weekends hiking and camping with her family and two English Mastiffs.

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