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Pregnancy and Parenting Resources in Colorado

This Resource Guide will be revised regularly to provide you with the most up to date information. If you notice any missing links or would like to add something to the list, please comment below.   In-Person Support Groups –New Mom Haven Postpartum Support Circle Wednesdays 10:45 to 12:00 –New Mother’s Support Group at Memorial[…]

Live in Postpartum Care in Colorado

Just about any conversations you have with a new parent will, at some point, involve the words. “I haven’t had a shower in __ days!” Before you have children, simple things like when to shower, seem trivial and automatic. Really, other than planning to take stuff with you for after a workout at the gym,[…]

It's your choice to bottlefeed

Reproductive Justice in Colorado Springs

Colorado Mountain Doulas commitment to supporting GROWING FAMILIES in Colorado Springs goes far beyond the “typical” mainstream, nuclear family. We hold  a special place in our hearts for those whose families don’t come about in the traditional way. Supporting families through FERTILITY, ADOPTION, SURROGACY, and LOSS is of primary importance to our business model and the[…]

Growing Your Family is Worth the Climb

Today was a day that will forever go down in history as a step forward for human rights. Today is a day that our friends, family and clients will look back on and remember where they were and when they saw the news. (Most will probably say Facebook) Today our news feeds were FILLED with[…]