Why Would You Eat Your Placenta?

Seriously. Why would you? Maybe you googled placenta encapsulation because you heard about it somewhere and you need to know more. Maybe you or your partner aren’t completely sold yet. Maybe you’ve made your decision and you’re curious if there are other things you haven’t thought about. Whatever brought you here, welcome! I hope that[…]

Breastfeeding Sabotage in Your Support System (Part6)

This is the last in my Breastfeeding Sabotage Series, but I would argue that it is the very most important one. Even if your overall health during pregnancy was stellar; if you had a 100% natural birth with no interventions that made breastfeeding difficult; if you had  the very best IBCLC in your hospital room immediately postpartum;[…]

Where Do I Go From Here? Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resources in Colorado Springs

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month this October, I wanted to take a moment and discuss those families who have suffered through the loss of their child. You likely know someone who has lost a child (or maybe you, yourself, have), and you might be wondering what you can do to honor[…]

Shout it from the Mountain Tops

Once again this year, I’m co-leading the Climb Out of the Darkness here in Colorado Springs. The issue of maternal mental health is an important and personal one to me and as we start to raise awareness around the event on June 18th, I’m sharing my blog post from last year. As always, by sharing[…]